We shamelessly use a variety of other websites to find videos for this blog, but hey, at least we’re honest about it. I encourage you to check them all out. Here are some of the main websites used:

Classic YouTube – The Guardian‘s weekly round-up of the best sports videos, encompassing everything that even closely resembles sport

Guardian Viral Video Chart – top 10 viral videos of the week based on number of times embedded and/or linked to – all kinds of videos, many of which already are, or quickly become, viral. Three to four new videos per day – an excellent source for all kinds of videos; usually a few good ones per day

Short of the Week on Vimeo – Vimeo seems to be the video sharing website of choice when it comes to short films. This channel finds and shares the best of them


The following are YouTube channels I have come across that are definitely worth checking out if you aren’t familiar with them already.

Community Channel – One of the few big YouTube channels that is actually pretty good. New, original, funny, excellently made videos usually released every week

Dan and Dan – New video only every few months but brilliant, clever, well-made comedy videos

David Mitchell’s Soapbox – The channel where David Mitchell of Mitchell and Webb and Peepshow fame has a weekly rant

Dean Lauderdale – Dean Lauderdale takes the worst acted dialogue from video games and acts it out with his face

Glove and Boots – Sock puppets Mario and Fafa’s video blog

How It Should Have Ended – Humorously animated alternative endings to blockbuster movies

Talking Animals – Hilarious, well-made videos dubbing voices for pets

Legolambs – Hollywood blockbusters turned into dramatic and superb musicals

Rémi Gaillard – The first place to see any of Rémi’s brilliant, hilarious new videos

Old Spice – I think most people are aware by now that Old Spice produce some of the best viral ads out there

Pogo – Remixes of various movies

Tim “Livewire” Shieff, Damien Walters – Tim Shieff is a free-running/parkour world champion. Both his and Damien Walters’ channels show each of them and a few others arsing about

VivaFutbolAlarazboy – Very well made football skills compilations, with new editions normally released every two to three weeks. The Alarazboy channel is no longer in use due to numerous copyright claims but still has many of the older videos

    • Kevin
    • March 19th, 2011
    • Cheers Kev,
      had seen a few of those before. Was actually thinking about posting ‘The Cat Piano’ earlier. And there was another animated short posted on i-am-bored earlier. I think I might do a weekly short film post

  1. I use if you want to credit that as a source too

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