As I write this, the video ‘Charlie bit my finger’ is by far the most viewed non-music video on YouTube. Only China and India have higher populations than that video has views. When I started the blog in March 2011, the United States also had a higher population but was quickly overtaken. So the video is still receiving millions of views every week. My response? Bite me, Charlie.

The video is just not that good. It is no exaggeration to say that there are thousands of videos more worth watching than ‘Charlie bit my finger’. We scour the internet for such videos for your viewing pleasure. But rather than only post videos that appear on every other site, we care more about finding the internet’s lesser known gems; videos that do not already have several millions of views. As a rule, we do not post topical videos; only videos that can be watched any time.

I’ve created a page for you to see some of the main sources used and some YouTube channels that are worth checking out. We also encourage you to share any videos you think are good enough to be posted here. You can find out more in the Feedback/Contact page.


  1. Great idea. Sign me up.

  2. I am, And I will 🙂

  3. I love your blog! keep sharing!

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