Dear Blog Followers

Sorry for the lack of posts recently; I’m heading off on holiday tomorrow and it was quite a busy week. Plus the weather’s been sublime so I’ve been trying to spend as much time outside as possible.

In the past, none of that would have stopped me from posting, but now I’ve lost the motivation to keep this blog going. Therefore I’ve decided to call it a day and put Charlie to bed. Big thank you to all followers and contributors; I was always delighted to get notifications about a new subscriber or a new comment.

So that you don’t all go looking for cat videos, when I get back from my travels, I hope to post a list of all the great YouTube channels I’ve discovered in the last two years, for you to go check them out.


And now, to play us out (‘what the fuck does that even mean?‘), here’s a goat beatboxing.


Short Film #121

No Man’s Land (Clara Glynn) – When parents go to war children suffer collateral damage.  Not exactly a seasonal choice of film, but I couldn’t hold it back any longer

Funny Fridays #107


Spoon Me


I Love the NSA

Animated Short #107

Happily Ever After – A Journey into the future of a young couple moving in together for the first time

Music Monday #107

From Ireland, lilting – mouth music, also called jigging, diddling or what happens when Jimmy forgets to bring his fiddle to the session

Michael and Paddy Rafferty – Queen of the Rushes


Seamus Fay, with Guido Plüschke playing the bodhrán


And here’s the Scottish cousin of lilting, Puirt a beul, sung by Mary Ann Kennedy, with James Graham


The third stop on our world tour of folk music. If you have any suggestions for future stops on this journey, please leave a comment

Short Film #120

Table for One – Philip’s life is in limbo…romantically, professionally…emotionally. Today is a bad day. He comes home to find his world turned upside down and is taken on an unexpected journey of self-discovery.

Funny Fridays #106

Thug Notes – Summaries and analysis of literary classics by Sparky Sweets, PhD [SPOILERS]

Crime and Punishment (Fyodor Dostoyevsky)

The Great Gatsby (F. Scott Fitzgerald)

To Kill a Mockingbird (Harper Lee)

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